Stay in Blackpool Apartments

Traditional holiday flats are one of the most popular ways to enjoy a visit to Blackpool with a family. They give you the space you need, but offer the same convenience you’ll get from rooms in other properties. Blackpool has a wide selection of cheap self-catering flats, but also offers contemporary apartments for those willing to spend a little more. You can choose an apartment that has lots of amenities, including WiFi and free parking, or you can opt for a budget self-catering property that leaves you more money for the arcades. Your Blackpool apartment can be your base for a family holiday or long business trip, and you can browse Blackpool apartments right here located across North Shore close to the golf course and tram links, in Central Blackpool adjacent to bars and clubs and in South Shore near Pleasure Beach. Compare prices, and book online or direct with the property owner.

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