Shetland Museum

Night Trip to Mousa, Shetland

Night Trip to Mousa, Shetland

About Lerwick’s Shetland Museum

The Shetland Museum in Lerwick contains galleries split into twelve zones, each being home to a number of interesting collections connected with the history of these remote islands. With sections on early people, customs, natural history, archaeology, folklife, social history, industry, textiles, fisheries, and maritime, most elements of the life of Shetlanders past and present over the past 5000 years, are represented, comprehensively but without dryness or dullness. The archive search room enables the public to access written records on Shetland since the fifteenth century.

Note, in particular, that the museum houses treasures from the history of the Shetlands, including a recreated 18th century traditional house (complete with model pig!), a 1933 Singer Le Mans car, and the optic from the old Bressay lighthouse. All of these and more, will fascinate those interested in Shetland history.

Where to stay in the Shetland Isles

The Shetland Museum is situated just one mile from the ferry terminal, very close to the Viking Bus Station and only half an hour from Lerwick airport, so is easy to reach by public transport. It is therefore very much worth a visit.

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