Selby Abbey

Selby Abbey

Riverside Selby along the River Ouse sits a mere 12 miles south of York and boasts an Abbey church to rank in beauty with that of the Minster. Centrepiece Selby Abbey, nearly 1000 years old, is easily one of England’s most beautiful churches, open to the public daily from 9am to 4pm, including Sundays, with on-site coffee shop.

A gateway into the West Riding, Leeds and York, beautiful waterfront Selby offers a mix of modern shopping centres, independent shops and a plentiful choice of restaurants and inns, making it perfect for leisure, business or travel stopovers. The Trans-Pennine Trail, open to walkers, cyclists and horse riders, runs right through the heart of Abbey town Selby, heading both North towards York and east towards Hull.

Enjoy everything from quirky comedy drama to live music concerts at Selby Town Hall and don’t miss a peak of The Washington Window in Selby Abbey. The Three stars of the window representing the Heraldic arms of the Washington family are thought to have influenced the design of the American ‘stars & stripes’ flag. Discover hidden gems near York and stay in Selby. Book online now with Iknow.

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