Northwich Tourist Information



The Cheshire Falconry offers the chance to view birds of prey or take part in a falconry experience, and popular annual events include the Northwich Festival featuring the finals of the UK Strongman North, and Thundersprint, which is the biggest motorcycling festival in Europe.

The Anderton Boat Lift

One of the British canal network’s great engineering masterpieces, the Anderton Boat Lift near Northwich dates from 1875 and was constructed by Edwin Clark. The lift transports cargo ships 50 feet, transferring them from the River Weaver to the Trent & Mersey Canal. Water tanks are the counter weights heaving boats up and down. This great feat of Victorian engineering was in operation right up to 1983. Today the Lift is fully restored and is an award-winning visitor attraction featuring an adjacent visitor centre with exhibitions, a gift shop and coffee shop.

Lion Salt Works & Northwich Salt

Located close to the Anderton Boat Lift and Northwich sits the Lion Salt Works, a historic open-pan salt making site offering a unique insight into the salt industry which has a long history in this part of Cheshire dating back over 2000 years to the Roman period.

Salt was first extracted from natural brine pits, but by the 17th century Northwich was seeing the first of its salt mines, however these were exhausted by 1850 so the process of brine shafts and open pan salt works was resorted to in the Northwich area. Find out more about the Cheshire salt mining villages at Lion Salt Works and the Weaver Hall Museum.

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