New Brighton Tourist Information

Fort Perch Rock, New Brighton

Fort Perch Rock, New Brighton

New Brighton on the Wirral has been a favourite Merseyside seaside resort for decades with its beautiful promenade and stunning coastal views, and its famous theatre, The Floral Pavilion. Promenade walking runs for 3.5km from Seacombe to New Brighton, and traditional seaside amusements and funfair rides are here alongside the famous bright white lighthouse and the iconic Fort Perch Rock built by local merchants as a defense against potential attack during the Napoleonic Wars.

Floral Pavilion

New Brighton’s premier theatre and conference centre, the Floral Pavilion just off the promenade offers a packed programme of musical shows, theatre and comedy through the year. Recently rebuilt and with a history stretching back to 1913, The Floral Pavilillion Theatre also hosts regular festivals and public conferences. Weddings and all sizes of conference and meeting events are welcome with full catering service available in-house.

Fort Perch Rock

A famous site on the New Brighton seafront, Fort Perch Rock was built by Liverpool merchants in 1803 as a defense against possible attack from the French, although with heated discussions about who would pay for it, building didn’t commence until 1826 and was finally completed 3 years later. As it turned out the guns were only fired twice. The Fort is similar in design to the many Martello towers built around the British coastline in the period to defend against potential Napoleonic attack. Move inside to see exhibits on a diverse range of military and maritime subjects. The Fort hosts a selection of events through the year including great music events, and you can hire the whole Fort for you own special event.

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