Monmouth Tourist Information

Monmouth Gate Bridge

Monmouth Gate Bridge

A traditional, historic market town, Monmouth is located by Wales’ border with England, where the Wye, Monnow and Trothy rivers join. It’s a town of narrow streets, has an iconic fortified bridge and is built around a Norman castle that now stands in ruin by Agincourt Square.

In more recent history, Monmouth has been home to theatre since 1794. Performers would originally visit the Bell Inn, which later was closed and re-launched as the Theatre Royal. Now, the Savoy Theatre stands in its place and is considered the oldest working theatre in Wales. The Savoy offers the chance to enjoy the latest movies in the cinema and live music, comedy and family shows in elegant theatre surroundings.

Monmouth events are worth scheduling your visit around. One of the most popular is the Monmouth Festival, which runs for nine days in August and is one of the largest free music festivals in the UK. The festival incorporates a carnival, and is becoming increasingly popular by the year. Wales’ biggest one-day event, the Monmouthshire Show, is also held in the town, including livestock shows, vintage vehicle exhibitions, animal competitions and stunt shows. Buy your tickets, book Monmouth accommodation and begin planning your visit or holiday.

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