Mink on Lewis and Harris

The Hebridean Mink Project (HMP) has been hard at work for the last twelve years to eradicate mink from the islands of Lewis, Harris and other neighbouring islands. The mink were originally introduced in an attempt at commercial fur farming then were released once this scheme failed. The mink had spread to other islands, but it is now believed that North and South Uist and Benbecula are completely mink-free.

The £6.4 million Hebridean Mink Project scheme may require a little while longer to guarantee the islands are completely free of mink, though it has already caught over 2200 animals and it is believed that only a handful (perhaps twenty) still remain. The HMP was set up to ensure protection of wader bird populations – wader birds being prey for mink.

Currently, scented trails are being laid throughout the islands to ensure those few remaining don’t meet up and breed.

Since the HMP’s eradication of mink, many wading birds have now shown signs of population recovery.

Where to stay in the Hebrides

We are able to offer some wonderful accommodation on Lewis, Harris, North Uist, South Uist and Benbecula. Why not stay with us to view some of the re-establishing colonies of wader birds?