Mann Manx Cat Sanctuary

Mann Cat Santuary

Mann Cat Santuary

The Mann Cat Sanctuary & The Manx Cat

Located in Santon just south of Douglas is the long-standing and incredibly popular Mann Cat Sanctuary, open to the public two days a week. A famous feature on the Isle of Man since its foundation in the 1990s, here you’ll discover the famous Manx Cat who mysteriously has no tail! There’s two kinds, firstly ‘Stumpies’ which only have a small stump and secondly ‘Rumpy Risers’ which just have a small piece of bone or cartilage at the end of their spine. The originating theory behind this is a mutation from way back which survived on this protected island.

A few folklores have evolved around the peculiarity that is the endearing Manx Cat including Noah shutting his Ark door on the Manx Cat’s tail as it made a last minute dash through the ark door or when the Scandinavians invaded the island in the early 9th century, they wanted to decorate their helmets with furry tails, so the mother cats bit off their kittens’ tails to prevent this happening. The scientific conclusion leans more on the mutated gene theory!

Things to See & Do at The Mann Cat Sanctuary

The Mann Cat Sanctuary is a re-homing and rehabilitation programme for rescued cats and kittens spread across 7 acres. Our Home Visit system ensures all adopted cats go to loving, secure homes. It’s also a safe haven for many elderly cats who’s owners have died.

The Sanctuary provides a free-roaming environment where new arrivals are contained in individual units, with sheltered accommodation and access to outside. Run solely by a dedicated team of volunteers, the Mann Cat Sanctuary is open to visitors on Sunday and Wednesday afternoons weekend (2pm to 5pm) – entry is free but visitors need to bring along a six pack of Whiskas!

Expect a warm welcome from the many friendly furry residents here. The centre also has an on-site aviary, Donkeys and the great Bradley’s Gift Shop.

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