Isle of Gigha Tourist information

The calm of Gigha

The calm of Gigha

Gigha is a small island just off the Scottish mainland and three miles over the Sound of Gigha from the Western Kintyre peninsula. One of the most Southerly of the Hebridean islands, Gigha is only seven miles long and is neighbour to Cara, a smaller island to Gigha’s South coast.

What’s Gigha Like?

Commonly known as ‘God’s Isle’, Gigha’s fertile soil and warm weather have created a lush green natural environment on a largely flat island with a spine of rocky hills down its centre. Surprisingly to modern-day visitors to Gigha, the whole island was tree-free from 1700-1850 – until the Achamore woods were planted.

About Gigha

Gigha’s scenery, both coastal and inland, is spectacular, as are the sea views. Walkers can see Goat Fell on Arran to the East, Ben More on Mull and the Paps of Jura to the West. In addition to the Gigha’s obvious delights – it is a beautiful location for walking, beach-strolling while taking in the blue-green ocean, and wildlife watching – there is an extremely beautiful woodland garden – Achamore Gardens to the South of the island. The weather on Gigha is affected by the Gulf stream so the gardens are protected from frosts and the worst of the UK’s weather, meaning the plant stock of rhodedendrons and specialist ferns (amongst many others) thrive.

Just a short distance from Achamore Gardens are the ruined remains of St Cathan’s Church, probably dating from the 13th century. But the existing parish church is interesting too – with carved grave slabs covering much of its floor. Gigha, historically, has many connections to the sea, and the island has witnessed a large number of shipwrecks, one of the most recent being a Russian ship, Kartli, which was hit by freak waves.

How to get to Gigha

Less than three hour’s drive from Glasgow, a short ferry runs from Tayinloan on the Kintyre peninsula over the Sound of Gigha to Adrminish on Gigha. Though the island is not particularly remote, there is no airport for scheduled tourist flights so this ferry is the only tourist transport option.

Where to stay in Gigha

For a break in the Inner Hebrides, or in some of the more remote locations on the Western Scottish mainland, why not check out our accommodation options? Travel between the islands by ferry can be a wonderfully exhilarating part of your holiday.