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Glasgow Airport

Glasgow Airport

Glasgow Airport is a major international airport positioned just to the South of the Forth of Clyde on the Western outskirts of Glasgow.

Features of Glasgow Airport

With regular flights to most of the popular European destinations, Northern Ireland, Mexico, Canada, Dubai, North Africa, America, the Dominican Republic, and Iceland – in addition to Northern Ireland and many other locations in the UK – Glasgow is truly an international airport.

Offering all the usual conveniences of any international airport, Glasgow Airport offers facilities for currency conversion, checking in, flight booking, parking (both for travellers and pick-ups/drop-offs), together with comfortable settings in which to shop, dine, and wait in comfort.

Their online site at

also includes a downloadable map.

Special assistance for those who need it, is also available.

How to get to Glasgow Airport?

Close to the A737, A78, M8 and M898, and situated just North of Paisley (to the West of Glasgow), this international airport is easily reached from the main motorway network from the South, and via the M80 and other A roads from elsewhere. The nearest train station to the airport is at Paisley Gilmour Street, just a mile away and accessible via bus or taxi.

Where to stay near Glasgow Airport

Perhaps you are booking a flight for a stay elsewhere in the UK or world, and need a place to stay to ensure a restful night before an early flight? Or perhaps you are travelling to Glasgow to begin a tour of Scotland – perhaps the Western Islands, the Highlands or the Border regions? Whatever your need for using Glasgow Airport, we can offer hotel and other accommodation to suit your requirements. See our list below for more details.