Fraserburgh Tourist Information

Kinneard Head Lighthouse

Kinneard Head Lighthouse

Fraserburgh, on the North East coastal tip of Aberdeenshire, is about 40 miles from Aberdeen on a stunning stretch of coastline.

What’s Fraserburgh Like?

Fraserburgh is a thriving port for commerce, fish and shellfish. With its gorgeous sandy beaches and delightful town centre full of interesting shops, it is also a great base for both relaxing and active holidays.

What to do in Fraserburgh

Fraserburgh Golf Club is the world’s 7th oldest links club and is popular, as are many locations on the North East coast, with golfers and general tourists alike. And – if you prefer your outdoor exercise to be beach based rather than links based – Fraserburgh is proud to be home to Whitelinks Bay, Fraserburgh Bay and Aberdour Bay – all worth a visit for some bracing sea air.

Fraserburgh is also home to the Kinneard Head lighthouse, also known as the Castle Lighthouse. The castle isn’t just a throwaway name – the lighthouse itself actually used to be a castle – but then became the first lighthouse ever on mainland Scotland. The ancient Wynd Tower is nearby, and also worth a visit.

Close to the lighthouse is Maggie’s Hoosie (a fishwife’s cottage museum) on the other side of Fraserburgh Bay, Deer Abbey (a ruined Cistercian monastery) to the South, and Memsie Cairn is local too, for those interested in large burial cairns and prehistory. And don’t forget to look out towards Mormond Hill at the white horse – a white quartz horse design inlaid into the side of the hill, dated from around 1790. Some records claim it was inspired by the white horse at Uffington, Berkshire.

How to get to Fraserburgh

Fraserburgh is accessible from the West and North of Scotland via the A98 (which follows the North coastal road) or from the South via the A90. Further South, in Perth, the main M90 connects the A roads with the main motorway network.

Where to stay in Fraserburgh

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