Edinburgh National War Museum

Edinburgh's War Museum, within the Castle

Edinburgh’s War Museum, within the Castle

A visit to the National War Museum, situated within the walls of the stunning Edinburgh Castle, is a perfect way to extend your sightseeing of this picturesque city and magnificent castle. Visitors can see how battles were won and lost through the personal collections and artefacts on display. Exhibitions displaying the realities of life for soldiers out in the field and for civilians on the home front really do bring home the realities of war. Visitors will also notice the regular presence of costumed interpreters in the grounds who portray participants in the Crimean, First and Second World Wars.

First World War Commemorations

The National War Museum is always worth a visit, even for those with only a passing interest, but the 2014 centenary of the First World War will spark a series of special commemorative events at this museum and others throughout the British Isles.

“Next of Kin” at the National War Museum, running from 18th April 2014 till March 2015, will highlight the ordeal of personal separation and loss experienced by Scottish communities, families and individuals. The exhibition will reflect on how the families at home dealt with the absence and loss of their loved ones through a selection of personal family artefacts. Though this is personal and intimate, these themes also reflect on the major issues of fighting on the war fronts. This exhibition will tour eight venues in Scotland till 2017, each new venue contributing additional local content.

More can be discovered about life in the trenches from the collection of letters from Captain William Bennet-Clark. Throughout the year, children will also be encouraged to get involved with “Hands on History: Trench Warfare” and “Ghosts of War: Armistice Day Poetry” events both held at the National War Museum, Edinburgh Castle. These exhibitions will allow children to experience wartime through poetry, remembrance, letters, photos and other interesting objects.

Edinburgh also boasts other major museums, including the East Lothian National Museum of Flight, and the National Museum of Scotland, both of which are holding their own exhibitions and events to commemorate the beginning of the First World War.

Where to stay near Edinburgh Castle and War Museum

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