Edinburgh & Forth Bridges

Forth Rail Bridge at night

Forth Rail Bridge at night

There are two Forth Bridges – one railway and one road. Both have made enormous differences to the ease in which the Firth of Forth is crossed.


The railway bridge is of a cantilever design and was first opened in 1890, connecting Edinburgh to Fife and the East of Scotland. It took seven years to build, is 1.6 miles long, and 98 workers lost their lives working on it. Even at high tide, the railway stands 151 feet above the water level. And the cantilever structures (four towers) are 330 feet tall. It was the first large structure to be built of steel.

Here’s a site of interest about the Forth Bridge

Forth Road Bridge

Forth Road Bridge


The road bridge, opened as recently as 1964, is a suspension bridge which replaced the ferry services that had been in use for centuries, opening up the North and East of Scotland to those in Edinburgh. Both bridges span the Forth and sit side by side, very different yet complementary to each other in their engineering styles.

Here’s the official Forth Road Bridge site. It includes webcams, indicators of wind speed, information on events, the bridge’s design, road works informaton, all about the bridge’s history, construction and more…


The road bridge will hold a festival in 2014 to celebrate its 50th birthday – including race challenges, tower top trips, sailing to bridges and islands, racing and touring car parade across the bridge, art exhibition, a music event called Bwani Bridgestock, a boat flotilla, torchlight procession, fireworks, rowing regatta and even a haunted walk! Do see the site below for more information and make sure you don’t miss the event you’ve got your eye on – some events, incidentally are ticketed and require pre-booking.

Visitor Centre for the Rail Bridge

There are plans to install a visitor centre at the base of the Northern tower, taking a lift to the top for breathtaking views 110 metres high. Another centre is planned for South Queensferry to act as a base for guided walks to the South tower. Some facilities might be open as early as 2015. See the Forth Bridge Experience for further information.

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