Dent & Dentdale Tourist Information

The speed and craft of Dent’s skilled hand knitters was nationally renowned during the 18th century. The village was also the birthplace of acclaimed Victorian geologist Adam Sedgwick. Sedgwick cut his teeth on the geological fossil treasures in the area and you can tread in his footsteps via the Sedgwick Geological Trail along the River Clough in Garsdale.

Dent, Dentdale – the Perfect Village

When you think of Yorkshire you might think of tea rooms, pubs and real ale, cobbled streets and stone cottages. Well you will not find Dent Village wanting for any of these.

Dent has its own famous local brewery and tap house the George & Dragon Hotel plus plenty of arts and craft shops and a rich heritage of hand knitting. Dent makes the perfect walker base for this part of the Yorkshire Dales – with its array of shops and heritage centres. Find out more in the Dent Village Heritage Centre open 7 days a week.

Adam Sedgwick & Victorian Geology

Dent is the birthplace of Professor Adam Sedgwick (1785-1873), the ‘great’ Victorian geologist and contemporary of Darwin. Dent Heritage Centre pays due attention to its famous son and the town has a central memorial fountain commemorating the famous geologist.

Hitherto I have never turned a stone; henceforth I will leave no stone unturned, said Sedgwick. He was a popular teacher who opened his lectures to women, and is widely recognised as establishing geology as a science. One of the most interesting aspects of Sedgwick was his opposition to Darwin’s ‘cold atheistic materialism’ in ‘Origin of the Species’. He saw Darwin’s philosophy as a dangerous attempt to ‘make us independent of a creator’.

The Terrible Knitters of Dent

The terrible knitters of Dent – terrible in the sense that they were terribly good were renowned for their hand knitting skills and speed, particularly during the 18th century. The terrible knitters were fast – so fast in fact that their needles often became bent. They were famed for having their own particular style of knitting. Discover more about the ‘Terrible Knitters of Dent at the central village heritage centre.

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