Chester Attractions

Chester has fast become one of the most exciting and fun-filled historical cities in the North West. With plenty of attractions in Chester, there is a never ending list of things to do in the beautiful walled city.

Whether you’re into sports, history or inner-city nature, Chester attractions vary to suit every person and every taste. Cruise along the classic Victorian-style streets with Jacobean-inspired buildings and dip into the fascinating and encapsulating atmosphere of a city full to the brim with history and beauty.

Take a look at some of the top choices for Chester Attractions, make the most of the city and be sure to visit all the top sites.

Chester Racecourse

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Chester Racecourse is the oldest horse track in England that is still used today. Located in the heart of the city and just a twenty-minute walk from Chester railway station, the race meets that are held regularly are easily accessible and a firm favourite with locals and tourists alike. Attend one of their summer meets for an unforgettable day of fun, sun and horses with plenty of choices for food and drink throughout the day. Ticket prices vary, Open Course tickets can be purchased for just £12 or go all out and purchase a Winning Post Enclosure ticket and enjoy an adult only stand right by the winning post.

Chester City Walls

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One of the most popular Chester attractions are the ancient walls that encircle the old town of Chester. Originally built by the Romans between 70 and 80AD to protect the city, they still stand tall and proud and stable. You can even take a walk along most of the perimeter, and with it only being around two miles in length, it’s a nice walk that takes you around the original medieval perimeter of the city. Chester is the only city in Britain that has retained the full circuit, it’s an unmissable Chester attraction.

River Dee

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The River Dee flows from Wales and journeys through Chester to form one of their most popular natural attractions. The river is beautiful at all times of the year, whether you want to bask in the sun on its banks during the summer or stroll through snow as winter falls. The Groves is the name of the beautiful riverside promenade that extends along the banks, here provides a leisurely walk to fully take in the stunning views of the river and to the bandstand at the end. Just past the band stand are the famous Wishing Steps, where it is said that anyone who can run up and down twice without taking a breath will see all their wishes come true.

Grosvenor Park

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It’s rare to find a public park as well maintained and well loved as Grosvenor Park in Chester. The huge park spans 20 acres and is always open to the public for free. It’s a traditionally Victorian park, with sprawling lawns and meticulously maintained shrubbery and flower beds. There’s also a mini railway that circulates the park, perfect for a family activity on a lovely day. big events are also held here as the park offers plenty of space and a beautiful setting for festivals and markets. Check out the Summer Music Festival or the Open Air Theatre.

Eastgate Clock

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An old clock may not be a draw for some people, but Eastgate Clock in Chester is said to be the second most photographed clock in Britain. It stands at the site of the original Roman entrance to the city and has done since it was erected in the late 19th century. The intricate and magnificent iron work surrounding the clock and arch is stunning and one of the many reasons people flock to photograph the ornate clock.

Countess of Chester Country Park

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Another beautiful natural space in Chester comes in the form of Countess of Chester Country Park. The park, which lies just outside Chester city centre, only opened to the public in 2014 following extensive renovations and improvements by the Land Trust. The park now offers a relaxing green space for visitors as well as a haven for wildlife.

Chester Town Crier

Chester is one of the only places in Britain to have kept the town crier proclamation tradition in a formal sense. From May until August, the town crier takes to the High Cross to announce any town news or special events. It’s common to see unsuspecting visitors detained in the town stocks if their companions have gotten in touch with the crier to play a fun practical joke. Head to the High Cross at noon, Tuesday to Saturday to see the town crier in action.

The Rows

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The Rows are a network of medieval galleries that form a system of covered walkways that house some of the traditional and unique shops of Chester. The Rows feature stunning timberwood design that has kept with the traditional vibe of Chester’s medieval history. Find out more about shopping in Chester and read more about where to visit for a great shopping experience.

Chester Roman Amphitheatre

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One of the most well known Chester attractions is the huge, open air Roman amphitheatre. Chester boasts the largest stone-built Roman Amphitheatre in Britain and is still in use as a theatre and event venue. It was also the site of Britain’s largest excavation mission in 2005 and the spoils of these efforts are on display in the Grosvenor Museum.

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