Cardiff on a Budget

National Museum of Wales, Cardiff

National Museum of Wales, Cardiff

Cardiff is a city that’s vibrant, lively and quickly becoming a top tourist destination.  Fortunately, this hasn’t led to uneccessarily high prices for the average holidaymaker. Whether you’re travelling from the UK or elsewhere in the world, you can use our site to browse accommodation, find cheap places to stay and take advantage of special offers that can save you money and help you budget.

Cheap Cardiff hotels and B&Bs have affordable rooms for low-cost travel, and there are caravan parks and holiday sites offering a great alternative to city centre accommodation. Amongst the city’s apartments and self-catering cottages, you’ll also find cheaper options aimed at tourists in need of a cheap getaway.

Once you’re in the city, you’ll find Cardiff isn’t short of free things to do. For cyclists it offers the Taff Trail and the Ely Trail, and the OYBike scheme lets you use your mobile phone to borrow a bike from one of many Cardiff locations, free of charge for up to thirty minutes.  You can also visit the National Museum of Wales, with a wide range of exhibits for young and old alike. To enjoy Cardiff on a budget, simply compare accommodation and book a stay online or direct. Find Cardiff accommodation special offers today.

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