Cardiff Inns/Pubs with Rooms

Despite being a modern city on first glance, Cardiff isn’t short of tradition in the form of pubs and inns that offer accommodation in Cardiff city centre, the Cardiff Bay area and the quiet outskirts. They’re the best choice for people who want comfortable accommodation combined with on-site meals and drinks, where the food and drink are usually the primary focus.

Cardiff pubs and inns give you the chance to try local beverages and to enjoy home-cooked British meals. Many offer essential accommodation that can include a wireless internet connection and en-suite bathroom, and a majority offer on-site parking.

If you’re choosing a Cardiff inn for your next visit to Wales’ capital city, you might want to plan your visit to coincide with one of the city’s big food events. The city hosts the Great British Cheese Festival in September, with the Best of British Market, the Taste of Wales Market and Britain’s Biggest Cheese Market ensuring you’ve got plenty of opportunity to sample local flavours even if you’re not having your meals in the pub you stay at. Use our site to find and compare inn accommodation in Cardiff, and enjoy the warm welcome and tradition of a pub with rooms.

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