Blackpool on a Budget

Blackpool South Shore Promenade Sculptures

Blackpool South Shore Promenade Sculptures

Blackpool is known for its low-priced accommodation. Holiday properties cater to everyone, from pensioners to families, looking to save money. If you’re planning a cheap holiday, look to Blackpool for budget accommodation that gives you more spending money and the chance to enjoy the town’s fantastic attractions. You’ll find cheap B&B rooms, cheap Blackpool hotels and self-catering holiday flats and studios at very reasonable prices. You can also enjoy an affordable stay in one of the town’s independent holiday parks, with on-site entertainment so you don’t need to spend a fortune travelling elsewhere.

Though many Blackpool attractions charge an entry fee, there are some that are completely free to visit. You can stroll around the 390-acre Stanley Park, take a picnic by the boating lake or have free use of trampolines, a skate park, pitch and putt or a play area, alternatively you can visit the Grundy Art Gallery or the Solaris Centre for an educational day out.

Of course, you can also enjoy a completely free afternoon by making your way to the beach for a walk along the Promenade pausing to admire the not to be missed Comedy Carpet montage on the pavements adjacent to Blackpool Tower. Find cheap Blackpool accommodation, and compare prices to ensure you won’t find the same cheaper anywhere else.

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