Ashington Tourist Information

Woodhorn's impressive new museum building - The Cutter

Woodhorn’s impressive new museum building – The Cutter

Ashington is home to the Woodhorn Museum and Northumberland Archives covering over 800 years of Northumberland history. Woodhorn has many listed colliery buildings and a cutting edge museum building and archive centre. The attraction is family friendly and located on the edge of the QEII Country Park with a 40 acre lake, nature walks and cycling trails.

Things to Do & See at Woodhorn

The Woodhorn Museum is situated on the site of the former Woodhorn Colliery, one of many Northumberland Collieries once in operation around Ashington and the Lynemouth coast. The design of the impressive new museum building – The Cutter – was inspired by huge coal cutting machines. Inside interactive exhibits like ‘Coal Town’ take you on a journey through the history of coal mining in the local area. See one of the best collections of Miner’s Banners, explore Woodhorn’s pit buildings and stand directly over the colliery’s number 2 shaft which descends 888 feet down!

The yellow Ashington brick buildings at Woodhorn have listed status

The yellow Ashington brick buildings at Woodhorn have listed status

The Ashington Group – Pitmen Painters

A collection of paintings by the Ashington Group of Pitmen Painters are on permanent display at Woodburn. Former miners, the Ashington Group began painting scenes of local life in the mining town from the 1930s. They were well aware of the skill in coal mining and the ups and downs of mining communities, and their work reflects this, depicting miners at work, at home, Saturday night at the club and local community events.

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